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20 December 2009 @ 10:51 am

I keep getting wonderful emails full of encouragement and an underlying anticipation about the progress of my next Otalia story. Many of you have embraced Everything, and even managed to throw a few (ravenously devoured) bones in this writer’s path. THANK YOU! I can’t begin to tell you how much your supportive comments have meant to me. So, considering how generous you have been with me, it only seemed fair that I return the favor with a proper update. :-)  

My new story is still unnamed and has completely taken on a life of it’s own. Think Epic! This story chronicles the lives of both characters and gives you an insight into why they react in the way that they do to each other. One of the things I like most about this story is that Natalia is not week or wishy-washy. She struggles, but through pure willpower (and a little opposition to Olivia) makes her own “very successful” way in the world. Natalia is self made, strong and a force to be reckoned with…but never for a moment looses her humanity. She is fierce, loyal and faithful.  

Olivia never had a heart transplant, or any type of serious illness, so she hasn’t known weakness since her teenage years. She long ago put away that girl with the raped body and soul, and has let her anger guide her through life. Olivia is fierce and unapologetic. The only love she readily gives is to her daughter, Emma. Emma is the one light that keeps Olivia connected to anything that could be considered human. The rest of her life runs like a machine. Considering the time of the season, I guess she would be a great example of a Ms. Scrooge.  

When their lives entangle, all hell breaks loose in Springfield. Up is down, right is wrong and the people around Olivia and Natalia are taken on a very bumpy ride. This is not a story for the squeamish. They are not romantic or loving to each other in any way, shape or form. They are rivals, enemies and adversaries. These two don’t make dates, they make plans; Plans that ultimately hurt the ones that they love.  

Yes, there will be a happy ending, because that’s what we all want, but it won’t come easily. This is a story of angst, anger and eventually redemption. Oh and if you think you know who will be redeemed??? Don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched. This story is a roller coaster and you might just be surprised at the twisting curves on this long and winding ride.   

Okay, so now let me go get this story finished! I’m really anticipating how this thing is going to work itself out to the ending I’ve envisioned. I wish I would hurry up and get this dang thing written…  


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I appreciate all the great comments about my fic: Everything. Thank you for embracing my take on the Otalia story and a Big thanks for supporting me as the writer. This is certainly a community that knows how to feed a girl’s muse! :-)


I will continue Everything’s theme in the future. I plan to write short stories of what GL didn’t show. I think it would be wonderful to outline ‘everything’ that happened to them over the course of their first year together.


For now, my muse has me in a whole new direction. We’ve told the story of how Olivia and Natalia’s love endured even in the face of their (and other people’s) anger, fear and doubts. We’ve seen how their love ‘eventually’ brought everyone together. BUT, what if Olivia didn’t have the transplant? What if Natalia and Olivia never had that time to bond? What if they truly were rivals in every way imaginable? What if, even though they hated each other, they were uncontrollably attracted to each other? Would you sleep with the enemy?


My next story is about that thin line between love and hate. I’ve pitched the story to my offline beta, and Tatum approves. So…now the writing begins.


(Spoiler: Love will happen, but not until they fight it and each other in every way possible.)


Just so you know, it took me two weeks to write Everything, because of multiple obligations. (Those obligations have not changed, and a few more responsibilities have been added.) I expect this new story will take at least a month to complete. Sorry, but I don’t post until a story is finished. So, please be patient with me!


And again…Thanks for the love! Otalia fans Rock! :-)
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11 October 2009 @ 09:49 pm

Title: Everything

Author: joblairfan

Fandom: Guiding Light

Pairing: Olivia/Natalia

Rating: Parts 1-4 (G rated), Parts 5-7 (Seriously NC-17)

Spoilers: Assumes back story up until 9/10/09. I have taken a few liberties, including:

1) Making Natalia a little less pregnant. (6 mos.) 2) Explaining why Natalia disappeared the way that she did. 3) Giving voice to “what I think” has been left unsaid between our girls, through the use of inner dialogue. 4) Giving Olivia “Freakin’ Spencer back her sexual prowess. 5) Proving that Natalia is “in touch” with what she really wants. 6) Proving women in love have more than forehead sex.

Summary: This story takes place on the day that Olivia and Emma (finally) move back to the farmhouse, and chronicles their first night together.

Special Thanks: To my offline beta, Tatum. (aka: SnailHeatReader)

Disclaimer: I don’t own the characters of Olivia Spencer or Natalia Rivera…I just let them have a lot more fun than CBS did!)


Now on with the show…




With her mind made up, Natalia sprung into action. She reached behind Olivia, to the tiled ridge that ran along the back of the tub, and roughly swept the candle lamps out of her path. She used her left hand to clear a seat for Olivia, while the fingers of her right hand remained buried in Olivia’s folds. When she was satisfied with her preparations, Natalia instructed Olivia, “Sit back.”


Olivia let Natalia guide her into position. She used Natalia’s shoulders for leverage, as she pushed up off her knees to sit on the bathtub’s back ledge. Olivia gasped, when her movements caused Natalia’s fingers to bump against her most sensitive spot.


“Natalia, I-I don’t think I can last.” She was painfully close. “It’s been so long.” All those months of waiting had diminished Olivia’s legendary stamina. I’m not going to make it!


Natalia spread Olivia’s legs, and watched wantonly as her fingers moved over Olivia’s slick folds. Olivia moaned loudly as cool air hit her hot flesh.


“How long has it been?” She asked the one question, she’d never planned to ask Olivia.


 “How long?” Olivia’s mind was clouded with desire.


“How long has it been since you’ve had a lover?” In for a penny, in for a pound!

Natalia knew she was delving into dangerous territory. Olivia’s answer could devastate her, and probably would, but she needed to know.


Olivia’s eyes widened, as she realized what Natalia was asking. Didn’t she know? Olivia shook the fog out of her head, and focused on the woman in front of her. Olivia held Natalia’s eyes, wanting her to see the truth of her words. “Before the transplant.”


Olivia had waited for her. Natalia’s eyes filled with tears at the realization. She let out the breath she’d been holding. “Olivia, I …” Natalia was speechless. What could she say to this beautiful woman who had given her so much? Olivia has given me everything!


Once again, Natalia realized when it came to Olivia’s love for her: words just failed. She brought her left hand up to Olivia’s chest, gently palming her heartbeat. Natalia wanted to say so much, but there were no words to express her love and gratitude. Her eyes locked with Olivia’s in an embrace of pure love and adoration. In that moment in time, complete understanding passed between them. There were no words, and no words were needed.


They communicated with an unspoken language as old as time; a language that only lovers could comprehend. For centuries, scribes tried to name it on parchment, bards tried to orally phrase it, and impressionists tried to display it on canvas. Great artists, and the lowliest of men, had tried to put it in prose, paint, clay, lyric and rhyme, but no word, painting, song or statue erected, could capture what was conveyed the moment that two souls became one. Nothing earthly could ever be used to explain the language of love.


Olivia cupped Natalia’s face with her hands, smiling lovingly into her eyes. I adore you! Olivia’s touch encouraged her lover to bring her body closer. Natalia pushed up on her knees, flattening the tops of her thighs against cool porcelain, as she stretched catlike over the tub’s side. Natalia moved her left hand to rest on Olivia’s hip, as she positioned her upper body between Olivia’s legs. I want you! Olivia opened herself fully to Natalia. She pulled her thighs back, raising her knees, and planting the heels of her feet firmly against the tub wall, on either side of Natalia’s hips. I am yours! 


Natalia painted Olivia’s knees and inner thighs with soft kisses, as she inched her way closer to Olivia’s center. Show me how to please you! When she felt Olivia’s hands guiding her face closer to her need, Natalia’s nostrils flared as she breathed in the scent of desire. Natalia closed her eyes in supplication, as a low growl was pulled from her throat. Her eyes flashed open violently, when she felt her hand being moved away from Olivia’s sex. Trust me! She raised Natalia’s hand to her lips and kissed it gently, before moving it to rest on the underside of her thigh. Olivia grasped Natalia’s left hand, and treated it with the same affection, before moving it to the underside of her other thigh. 


Watch! Olivia began caressing her own body with knowing hands. When she pinched and rolled her own nipples, twin gasps of pleasure filled the room. You are so sexy! Natalia was entranced by Olivia’s boldness, and her fingers ached to follow the path of Olivia’s hands. Natalia’s ardor grew steadily, as she watched Olivia. So beautiful! Olivia guided her left hand away from her breasts, and down across firm stomach muscles, as she continued to stimulate her nipples with the fingers of her right hand. Natalia groaned in frustration, as she tried to follow the movements of both hands simultaneously. Choose! Olivia’s eyes issued a challenge. Natalia’s eyes locked onto the fingers of Olivia’s left hand. Good! Olivia let those fingers circle her navel several times, before dipping the tip of her index finger into that sensitive little cavity. When Olivia moaned, Natalia’s hands clenched the backs of Olivia’s thighs forcefully, causing both of their bodies to tremble.


Natalia’s eyes followed, as Olivia continue to explore lower and lower, until stopping abruptly, just above her downy covered mound. Natalia’s eyes darted back and forth between Olivia’s eyes and her hand, impatiently waiting for the movement to continue. After several long seconds, Natalia started to move closer, when a loud moan filled her ears. She looked up to see the closed eyes of Olivia Spencer with her head thrown back, as she roughly tugged and pulled on her own nipples. Natalia shuddered with need. Mine!


Natalia was on overload. She brought her hands around to the tops of Olivia’s thighs, and pushed herself up to get closer to those gorgeous breasts. Natalia’s breath quickened, and her mouth watered at the thought of tasting them again. Just as she neared her target, Olivia’s eyes flew open, halting her progress. Stop! Natalia whined her disappointment, but complied. Olivia rewarded her with a too short, but extremely passionate kiss. More!


Olivia smiled mischievously at the look of frustration on the beautiful Latina’s face. She roughly grabbed the underside of her own breast, as she moved closer to her lover’s lips. Closer! Natalia stretched her body tautly, as she strained to reach the proffered nipple. Just a little closer! When she was just a breath away, she closed her eyes and parted her lips, anticipating the taste of her reward. Natalia’s lips met empty air. Opening her eyes in question, she was met by one Olivia Spencer impishly smiling down at her. Olivia? In answer, Olivia bent down and sucked her own nipple into her mouth. OLIVIA!


Natalia’s body was rocked so hard by desire that she lost her grip on Olivia’s thighs. The sound of splashing water filled the air, as Natalia sputtered to stop her fall. The V of Olivia’s legs, clenched against her sides, was the only thing that kept her from falling headfirst into the water. Olivia’s legs supported Natalia’s body, as she waited for her to gain control of her breathing. She combed her fingers lovingly through black silk, as she shook the newly wet ends dry. Natalia slowly raised herself up, and took in the state of her soaking wet blouse. Olivia smiled apologetically. Maybe this is too much, too fast?


In answer to the unspoken question, Natalia stood up on her knees, and pulled the wet blouse over her head, carelessly tossing it to the floor. She repositioned herself between Olivia’s legs, looking steadily into her lover’s eyes, urging her to continue. More! When Olivia reached out to touch the bra-clad woman’s breast through the shear material, she grabbed the back of Natalia’s hand instead. No! Natalia shook her head, as she held her hands over her own breasts, shielding them from Olivia’s touch. Her eyes looked to Olivia’s breasts, and then to her mouth, silently telling Olivia what she wanted. More!


Olivia tenderly traced the plains of Natalia’s face, before running her fingers over full lips, coaxing them to part. When her lips opened to Olivia, she pushed her index finger rhythmically in and out of Natalia’s wet mouth. A low moan reverberated through Natalia’s body, as she wantonly sucked Olivia’s finger each time it penetrated her mouth. She growled in frustration, when Olivia pulled her finger free and held it suspended between their bodies. Watch! Olivia moved that wet finger to trace a taut nipple, before sucking the finger into her own mouth. Natalia watched enraptured, as Olivia proceeded to hum in pleasure, as she thrust the finger in and out of her own wet mouth. Please!


Olivia pulled her finger free with a satisfied pop, before offering it back to Natalia. It was greedily sucked between willing lips. After several minutes, Olivia replaced her finger with her tongue, pushing it forcefully into Natalia’s mouth. Olivia sucked Natalia’s tongue voraciously, but the moment Natalia tried to return her fervor, Olivia pulled out. Natalia hissed in frustration. Watch! Olivia slowly moved both her hands up her lean body, and covered two perfectly shaped breasts. She teased her nipples with her flattened palms, before her fingers moved underneath heavy breasts, cradling their weight in her hands. Natalia watched, as kiss swollen lips smiled wickedly, before lifting a pebbled nipple to meet Olivia’s mouth in a languid kiss. Yes! Natalia had never seen anything sexier than Olivia pleasuring her own breasts. She watched wide eyed, as Olivia licked and rolled her tongue around each nipple, before sucking the hard tip ravenously. More?


Natalia answered by gripping Olivia’s thighs reflexively, as she prepared for the next act of her lover’s show. Olivia pulled her lips away from her nipples, and replaced them with the palms of her hands. She smiled happily at Natalia and licked her lips, as if she had just finished a favored meal. The sight of a preening Olivia Spencer, caused Natalia’s eyes to close involuntarily, as new flames of desire fired in her belly. Ready? Olivia waited for Natalia’s eyes to open, before continuing her exploration. Coffee colored orbs met questioning emeralds. Ready! Olivia moved her flattened palms from the peaks of her breasts, down a long lean torso, over a muscled abdomen, and onto the tops of silky smooth legs. She covered Natalia’s hands, where they gripped her thighs. Hold on tight!


Olivia squeezed the top of Natalia’s hands lightly, before moving her hands to rest in the crease that joined leg to hip. Natalia watched, as Olivia leaned backward, resting heavily against the tiled wall. She tilted her hips upward, as she widened her opened legs and lifted her womanhood inches from Natalia’s face. Olivia pumped her hips forward slowly, as she enticed Natalia to close the distance between them. When Natalia moved forward, ready to taste Olivia, she felt a strong hand pressing her forehead back. Not yet!

Natalia roared her disapproval, as the hunger to taste her lover grew exponentially.


Olivia used the palm of her left hand to still her lover’s advancement, as the fingers of her right curled and tangled through the hair that covered her own aching center. Natalia watched the movements of Olivia’s fingers restlessly. Olivia sensing that Natalia was running low on patience gave her what she wanted most, a taste of Olivia’s passion. More? Natalia moaned expectantly, waiting for Olivia’s next move. When she pushed two fingers into her wet folds slowly, Natalia’s breath audibly hitched. When Olivia’s fingers slid to the rim of her opening, before dancing in the evidence of her arousal, Natalia inhaled deeply. When Olivia moved those same fingers to her own mouth, and slid them between willing lips, Natalia groaned painfully. Olivia eagerly sucked and licked her own fingers clean, as her lover watched anxiously. Please, Olivia!


Olivia pulled her fingers from her mouth, and quickly moved them down her body, pushing them roughly through her wet folds. Olivia’s body quivered with desire, as she tickled her own entrance and toyed in the pool of wetness found there. Natalia’s eyes widened in surprise, as she watched Olivia push her fingers deeper inside of herself. Olivia arched her hips forward and pushed her fingers inside one last time. She closed her eyes in concentration, as she held her buried fingers still for agonizingly long seconds. When Olivia opened her eyes, she saw unadulterated desire staring back at her. Please!

Olivia exhaled slowly, as she gently pulled her fingers free, and offered them to Natalia.


Natalia pounced on Olivia’s fingers, hungrily sucking away every drop of Olivia’s essence. She licked from base to tip of each finger, as she kept her eyes glued on Olivia. When Olivia pulled her fingers back to her center, Natalia tried to follow, but was stopped by the hand that rested against her forehead. She clamped her eyes shut and grimaced. Olivia couldn’t help but smile at the annoyed sigh that emanated from Natalia. Olivia lovingly caressed the crease of a frustrated brow, as she willed Natalia to open her eyes. When dark amber cast its gaze on Olivia, she tapped Natalia’s forehead lightly issuing her command. Stay! Olivia moved her left hand to join her right, as she pleasured herself in front of her lover’s watchful eyes. Natalia unconsciously inched forward.


Olivia’s skillful fingers manipulated the tender flesh of her aroused sex, as she moaned in satisfaction. The fingers of her right hand drew lazy circles along the inner walls of her labia, as she slowly pressed the middle finger of her left hand inside of her entrance.

When Olivia’s hips began to move in rhythm to her questing fingers, Natalia instinctively moved closer. When Olivia pulled her finger free and painted her thigh with a wet finger, Natalia licked the smooth skin clean. When Olivia moved that same finger to trace a perfect bottom lip, Natalia sucked the digit into her mouth. When Olivia roughly pulled away from her mouth, and cupped the back of her neck, Natalia whimpered in need. Olivia, Please! When Olivia pulled her lover’s head forward, and closed her eyes in surrender, Natalia drove her tongue deep inside of Olivia’s entrance.


Olivia roared out her passion, the moment Natalia’s tongue entered her. She slammed her head back against the tiled wall, as her hips bucked against her lover’s tongue. Natalia’s nails bit into the backs of soft thighs, as she forcefully penetrated Olivia’s opening at a blinding pace. Natalia moaned in desire, as she speared her tongue deeper and faster into Olivia. She could feel Olivia’s orgasm approaching like a runaway train. Olivia painfully grabbed handfuls of Natalia’s dark hair, as her legs shook uncontrollably against the sides of her face. In one swift movement, Natalia pulled her tongue free of Olivia’s entrance, and seized the little bundle of nerves at the apex of Olivia’s sex. She sucked the engorged flesh roughly between her teeth, as Olivia’s body convulsed underneath her mouth.


“Nnnataliaaaaaaaa!” Olivia’s scream tore through the silence of the room.


Olivia’s hands pushed at her head forcefully, but Natalia refused to let go of her purchase. She had waited too long and been teased too much to let this be over so soon. The more Olivia tried to push her away, the harder she sucked on sensitive flesh. Olivia’s fingernails grasped the tops of Natalia’s shoulders, as her body turned in on itself. She knew what they both needed now.


“Natalia.” Her breathing was labored, and her throat felt raw. “Just slowdown, please.” She tried to catch her breath, but Natalia’s insistent mouth was making it hard. “I want your fingers inside of me!”


Olivia’s words cut through the haze of Natalia determination. She carefully released her hold on the hypersensitive flesh, as she looked up to Olivia for confirmation. Olivia sighed in relief, as she dropped her feet from their perch on the side of the tub, to sit flatly on the bottom’s surface. She laid her head back against the tiled wall and closed her eyes for several moments. Olivia’s eyes opened at the sound of splashing water. “Oh, God.”


Natalia pulled up on her knees, as she stretched her back out. Her muscles were sore from hanging over the tub’s side. She pushed herself up on shaky legs, and stood on numb feet. Her desire was forgotten for a short moment, until she took in the state of her lover. Olivia’s body rested limply against the bathroom wall, eyes closed and breath labored. She mentally corrected herself; she was wrong before. Olivia Spencer, after an orgasm, was the sexiest thing she had ever seen. She quickly discarded the remainder of her clothes, and stepped into the tub, kneeling down between Olivia’s open legs. When Olivia opened her eyes, Natalia smiled, as she buried two fingers deep inside of her.


Olivia’s head fell forward onto Natalia’s shoulder, as her body clenched around her lover’s fingers. She felt her body being pulled forward, as Natalia coaxed her down to her knees, mirroring her position. Twined moans of desire filled the candlelight room, as breasts met for the first time. Olivia moved her hands to Natalia’s back, pushing their nude bodies more tightly together. Natalia snaked her left hand up their bodies, and around Olivia’s neck. She pulled Olivia’s lips to hers in a passion filled kiss, that spoke of desire, need, want, and love, as she began to thrust her fingers slowly inside of Olivia. Olivia’s body trembled, as the once stilled fingers, started to move inside of her. She moaned into their kiss, as Natalia stirred the fires of her arousal once again.


When their mouths separated in need of oxygen, Olivia kissed along Natalia’s neck, and over her shoulders. Natalia’s breath was labored, and Olivia knew her body was ready. There would be plenty of time to explore her lover later, in their bed, but now it was about relief. Relief from a persistent ache that had started from the first day they’d met, even if they hadn’t recognized it then. Olivia grasped Natalia’s shoulders pushing them back slightly, as she moved her lips down to an erect nipple. She felt the nails of Natalia’s left hand, bite into her back. Olivia brought her hands to rest on Natalia’s hips, as her lover thrust her hips against her. She lavished kisses on Natalia’s breasts, as she moved her right hand down her body, and over the soft hairs of Natalia’s sex.


“Olivia?” Natalia moaned.

“I love you.” Olivia’s voice overflowed with love.


Before Natalia could echo her lover’s words, she felt Olivia’s fingers penetrate her. Natalia cried out the name of her pleasure. “Olivia!”


Insatiable lips met in greedy kisses, as hips and hands moved passionately against each other’s bodies, in a dance of love and desire. Their bodies were fused so tightly together, that nothing could pass between them, not even the aroma of sex or the sounds of their passion. Their bodies vibrated together as one, as fire licked their bellies, blood boiled in their veins, lightening shot up through their spines, breath caught in their lungs, and cries of release ripped through their throats, only to be swallowed between joined lips.


Trembling bodies, and weak knees, caused them to fall together. The cool bathwater felt like a soothing balm to their burning tired bodies. Olivia lay blissfully beneath Natalia’s nude form. She wrapped her arms protectively around the woman she loved, and said a prayer of thanks. She felt Natalia’s lips smile into her chest, as she sighed happily. One thought kept running through Olivia’s mind. “There’s nothing vanilla about Natalia.”


The End

So, what did you think?
(Feedback is love! Please feed my muse!)
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11 October 2009 @ 09:45 pm

Title: Everything

Author: joblairfan

Fandom: Guiding Light

Pairing: Olivia/Natalia

Rating: Parts 1-4 (G rated), Parts 5-7 (Seriously NC-17)

Spoilers: Assumes back story up until 9/10/09. I have taken a few liberties, including:

1) Making Natalia a little less pregnant. (6 mos.) 2) Explaining why Natalia disappeared the way that she did. 3) Giving voice to “what I think” has been left unsaid between our girls, through the use of inner dialogue. 4) Giving Olivia “Freakin’ Spencer back her sexual prowess. 5) Proving that Natalia is “in touch” with what she really wants. 6) Proving women in love have more than forehead sex.

Summary: This story takes place on the day that Olivia and Emma (finally) move back to the farmhouse, and chronicles their first night together.

Special Thanks: To my offline beta, Tatum. (aka: SnailHeatReader)

Disclaimer: I don’t own the characters of Olivia Spencer or Natalia Rivera…I just let them have a lot more fun than CBS did!)


Now on with the show…




“Natalia?” Olivia’s voice penetrated the silence of the room.


“Hmm?” Natalia raised her head to look into Olivia’s eyes.


“I like holding you…”


“I like holding you too.” Natalia interrupted.


Olivia smiled patiently. “I like holding you, here.” She locked eyes with Natalia. “But, I would love holding you in our bed.”


“NO!” Natalia’s eyes widened at the harsh sound of her own voice. “Please, not yet.”


“If I stay in here much longer, I’ll turn into a prune.” Olivia wiggled her eyebrows suggestively. “We can do a lot more fun things in our big soft bed.”


“That’s what I’m afraid of.” Natalia said under her breath.


“Natalia?” She got the gist of what Natalia had said, and wanted an explanation.


Natalia sighed in surrender. This was Olivia: the woman who loved her. She smiled shyly into Olivia’s eyes, and then laid her cards on the table. “If we go in the bedroom.” Natalia corrected herself, when she saw the concerned look on Olivia’s face. “When we go in the bedroom, you’re going to distract me from touching you.”


“I want you to touch me.” Olivia was confused. Did Natalia think she didn’t want her?


“I know you do.” Natalia smiled knowingly. “And I want to touch you.”


“And I want to touch you, so what’s the problem?” Olivia’s voice sounded strained.


Natalia felt Olivia’s body tense against her. She was obviously afraid of Natalia’s answer. Olivia still had doubts that Natalia could handle a sex life with another woman. Natalia’s longstanding bout with ambivalence had caused Olivia’s fears. Now, it was up to Natalia to put those fears to rest. Natalia bent forward and kissed Olivia passionately. Their lips, and tongues wrestled for long minutes, until they broke away in need of oxygen.


“Kissing isn’t a problem.” Olivia panted.


“No.” Natalia struggled to calm her breathing. Seconds later she continued. “But, if we did that in there.” Natalia moved her head, motioning toward the bedroom. “You would have touched me, and I’d be a puddle on the floor right now.” She smiled, dimples on display. “I can’t think, and I lose track of my...” Natalia paused trying to think of the right words. “I lose track of my objective and I can’t complete my mission.”


“So are you saying you can’t soldier on?” Olivia teased.


“Olivia!” Natalia smacked her playfully on the arm. “I’m being serious here.”


“Okay, but shouldn’t me making you weak in the knees be a good thing?” Olivia smiled.


“I’m talking a little more than weak knees. And yes, it’s a wonderful thing.” Natalia sighed. “It’s just a little daunting when you’re trying to make love to Olivia Spencer.” There, she said it. Cards on the table; all pink elephants in the room acknowledged.


“Oh.” Olivia understood clearly.


Natalia waited. She watched the play of emotions ghosting over Olivia’s face. She was obviously considering the full extent of Natalia’s words. She waited until her patience was all but gone, and then Olivia placed a chaste kiss against her lips and said. “Okay!”


Olivia gently pushed Natalia’s body back, so that she was no longer hanging over the side of the tub. She smiled warmly at Natalia’s concerned look. She was obviously unhappy about being separated from Olivia’s body. She motioned for Natalia to sit back, and she reluctantly complied. Natalia straightened her back, as she sat upright on her bended knees, hands clutching the side of the tub for support.


When Natalia was in place; Olivia rose up from her reclined position and turned to face Natalia. Then Olivia pushed up to settle on her knees, mirroring Natalia’s posture on the dry side of the bathtub. Natalia’s jaw went slack at the sight of water cascading down Olivia’s naked body. Olivia widened the distance between her knees, in order to make herself more in line with Natalia’s height. Then she simply waited for Natalia to act.


The little droplets of water that clung to Olivia’s body mesmerized Natalia. Her eyes raked over Olivia’s body, in an effort to see each one. Natalia knew it was ridiculous to feel jealous of those little drops of water, but she did. She wanted to touch Olivia in all the places they so selfishly occupied. Natalia noticed a single drop of water lazily sliding down the center of Olivia’s chest, following the path of the scar that bisected her chest. She reached out and touched it with the index finger of her right hand. When she heard a gasp of breath, she looked up to see Olivia’s eyes closing in submission.


Natalia traced the scar’s path with her finger, and then kissed it lovingly. She felt Olivia’s breath quicken, when she ran her tongue up and down the full length of the raised tissue. Natalia kissed the reddened flesh with love and adulation, in memory of the surgery that had saved Olivia’s life. She rested her forehead against Olivia’s chest, and said a prayer of thanks, before continuing her exploration. Natalia’s hands rested on Olivia’s hips, as she began kissing a path down Olivia’s torso. She felt Olivia’s stomach quiver, when she dipped her tongue inside of Olivia’s belly button. Natalia’s eyes traveled up the full line of Olivia’s body, settling on her heaving breasts. She knew what she wanted to taste next.


Natalia kissed a path across Olivia’s abdomen, then up along her sides, tickling each rib with the tip of her tongue. She kissed a path back to the center of Olivia’s chest, and then a new path up to Olivia’s neckline. Olivia moaned, as she tilted her head back to give Natalia better access. Natalia placed a winding trail of wet kisses over both sides of Olivia’s neck, as her hands started their own exploration of Olivia’s body. She traced her fingernails along Olivia’s torso, as she tongued at the pulse point on Olivia’s neck.


“Natalia.” Olivia’s body was on overload. Natalia’s gentle touch had set her entire being ablaze, and it took every bit of her strength to keep from pouncing on Natalia. She needed her touch. She needed to feel Natalia inside of her, but Natalia was touching her everywhere but where she needed it most. Olivia captured Natalia’s roaming hands, bringing them up to cover her painfully aroused breasts. “Please.”


Natalia pulled back reluctantly from the neck she was happily sucking, when Olivia grabbed her hands. She was about to protest, until she felt Olivia’s erect nipples pushing stiffly into her palms. Natalia growled in pleasure, as she seized Olivia’s breasts. She watched hypnotized by the movements of her own hands. Natalia left no part of Olivia’s breasts untouched. She faintly remembered thinking that she was groping Olivia Spencer, but the thought was dismissed, when she heard Olivia moaning her encouragement.


When Natalia’s hands had their fill, she replaced them with her lips, causing a new chorus of groans and moans from Olivia. She tongued and licked Olivia’s nipples, until they stiffened to rock hard points. When she sucked one of the pebbled tips greedily into her mouth, she felt Olivia’s hands grabbing her head painfully, forcing her to take more of Olivia’s breast into her mouth. Olivia’s forcefulness set a new fire inside of Natalia, as she growled in pleasure. She moved her hands around Olivia’s back, and down to settle over Olivia’s backside. Natalia grabbed handfuls of flesh, roughly kneading those perfectly shaped globes, as she pulled Olivia’s hips into a familiar rhythm.


Olivia’s body was about to explode. She couldn’t remember ever being this aroused. It was as if Natalia had found a new switch in her body, and just simply turned it on. Olivia knew sex. She knew the way the body reacted, what made it react, and how to control that reaction. She was Olivia ‘Freakin’ Spencer for shit’s sake! So, why the hell was this inexperienced, practically a virgin, woman on the verge of making Olivia come undone? When she felt Natalia’s hands pulling her hips into a rocking motion, she had her answer. She’s Natalia ‘Freakin’ Rivera and I’m completely in love with her. Olivia let go again.


Olivia roughly yanked Natalia’s head away from her breasts, and descended on her mouth in a crushing kiss. Tongues, teeth and lips devoured each other in a meeting of pure desire. Natalia’s hungry hands fumbled over Olivia’s heated flesh, as she tried to get closer to the woman she loved. Natalia couldn’t get enough of Olivia. Just when she thought she’d go insane with need, she heard Olivia’s call.


“Natalia!” Olivia rasped. “I need you now.”


Natalia placed the palm of her right hand against Olivia’s abdomen. “Show me.”


Olivia covered Natalia’s hand with her own. Slowly she guided their entwined fingers down to rest in the small patch of coarse hair that covered Olivia’s sex. She searched Natalia’s eyes for permission, before pushing Natalia’s fingers inside of her wet folds.


“Yes!” Olivia gasped.


“Oh, God!” Natalia was overcome with the intimacy of this touch. Olivia was slowly guiding their fingers, back and forth along the full length of her womanhood.


“Natalia?” Olivia’s voice was laced with need. “Please.” Olivia pushed Natalia’s hand harder against herself, as she positioned Natalia’s fingers to rest at the base of her opening. Olivia found Natalia’s eyes with her own. “I need you inside.” Olivia pleaded.


Olivia’s plea snapped something within Natalia. She suddenly realized exactly where her fingers were and what Olivia was asking of her. Natalia looked down to their joined hands, studying where they rested together between Olivia’s legs. Olivia wants me inside of her! Natalia realized in that moment, there was nothing she needed more. Nothing she would ever want more than to be inside of the woman she loved.


Natalia’s eyes locked on Olivia’s. “Move your hand.” Natalia commanded.


Olivia did as she was told. She released Natalia’s hand, and began moving her own hand to rest at her side.


“No!” Natalia’s free hand grabbed for Olivia’s fingers and pulled them to her mouth. She sucked and licked each digit until every ounce of Olivia’s essence had been captured.


When she’d finished, Natalia placed a kiss on each finger, before lifting the hand to rest atop her shoulder. She looked up to see Olivia’s eyes were closed. Natalia instantly missed their caress. She needed Olivia’s eyes on her while she touched her. She flexed the fingers that pressed against Olivia’s folds. She was rewarded with a low moan from Olivia. Her eyes remained closed, but now Olivia’s head was pitched slightly forward. Natalia needed those eyes. She tried another approach. She slowly moved her hand upward, combing through the well-groomed patch of hair. Natalia twisted her fingers several times in the trimmed hairs, before grabbing them tightly and tugging hard.


“Natalia!” Olivia’s eyes shot open, as she growled out Natalia’s name.


“I want to see you.” Natalia’s fingers released their hold on the little hairs, as she flattened her palm over the tender area. “Don’t close your eyes.” Natalia moved her left hand to rest between Olivia’s breasts, as her right hand lovingly cupped Olivia’s vulva.

“You are so beautiful.” Natalia leaned forward, capturing Olivia’s lips in a rough kiss.


Olivia couldn’t control the sounds that were vibrating from her throat. She didn’t think she’d ever been this vocal, but then again she couldn’t really think at the moment. She couldn’t think, she couldn’t speak, and she couldn’t focus. Well, actually, Olivia could focus, but only on two things: Natalia’s hands and mouth. Natalia’s mouth! The image of Natalia sucking her fingers flashed in her mind, causing a new litany of sounds to come forth from Olivia. She was no longer in control of her own body, or its pleasure. Natalia was in the driver’s seat, and Olivia was just a very, very willing passenger.


Natalia kissed a path up Olivia’s jaw line and then over to trace a delicate ear with her tongue. She bathed the ear in kisses, before teasing the lobe with her teeth. She sucked the sensitive flesh between her teeth wantonly, before whispering into Olivia’s ear.


“I want all of you.” Natalia purred against Olivia’s ear. “I want to touch you.” Natalia tongued the inside of Olivia’s ear. “I want to taste you.” She bit the lobe. “Everywhere.”


“Yesssss.” Olivia hissed. She was beyond coherency.


Natalia kissed Olivia’s ear reverently, before moving her lips, teeth and tongue to pay homage to the rest of Olivia’s body. Natalia’s hot breath and warm mouth lavished attention to an elegant neck and strong shoulders. She left a trail of sloppy kisses over the swell of Olivia’s breasts, as the fingers of her left hand pinched and rolled taut nipples. Natalia’s tongue traced a path from Olivia’s sternum to her navel, as the fingers of her right hand pushed down into soaking wet flesh. 


“You’re so wet.” Natalia moaned in pleasure, as she threaded two fingers down along the inner walls of Olivia’s labia. Her fingertips applied various degrees of pressure, as they traveled up and down the full expanse of Olivia’s velvety flesh. Olivia’s hips rocked.


“Natalia.” Olivia’s hips moved of their own accord. She was so close. Natalia’s hand was slipping and sliding inside of her drenched folds in an intoxicating rhythm. Natalia’s fingers were everywhere, but on the one spot that would bring Olivia release.


Natalia’s hand was incased in warm, buttery soft flesh. She knew what Olivia needed, but she didn’t want this to end. Not yet. Just a little longer. She had waited so long. They had both waited so long. Natalia needed this intimacy with Olivia. So, she carefully avoided that little bundle of nerves, as she worked her fingers lovingly through Olivia’s wetness. When Olivia’s hands latched onto her shoulders, and her hips started to rock harder against Natalia’s hand, she almost surrendered to Olivia’s need. Just a little longer, baby!


Natalia used her left hand to steady Olivia’s thrusting hips, as she kissed and licked her quivering stomach muscles. Natalia was entranced by the sounds of Olivia’s need, and the movements of her desire filled body. Olivia’s passion seemed to encompass the entire room. Moans of pleasure reverberated off of the tiled walls, as the aroma of sex replaced the oxygen in the room. Olivia was everywhere. Natalia’s lips trembled against Olivia’s abdomen, as the scent of her sex caused a fire in Natalia’s belly. I need all of Olivia!


“I need to taste you!” Natalia growled.


Olivia’s hooded eyes, suddenly widened in surprise. Natalia?


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11 October 2009 @ 09:42 pm

Title: Everything

Author: joblairfan

Fandom: Guiding Light

Pairing: Olivia/Natalia

Rating: Parts 1-4 (G rated), Parts 5-7 (Seriously NC-17)

Spoilers: Assumes back story up until 9/10/09. I have taken a few liberties, including:

1) Making Natalia a little less pregnant. (6 mos.) 2) Explaining why Natalia disappeared the way that she did. 3) Giving voice to “what I think” has been left unsaid between our girls, through the use of inner dialogue. 4) Giving Olivia “Freakin’ Spencer back her sexual prowess. 5) Proving that Natalia is “in touch” with what she really wants. 6) Proving women in love have more than forehead sex.

Summary: This story takes place on the day that Olivia and Emma (finally) move back to the farmhouse, and chronicles their first night together.

Special Thanks: To my offline beta, Tatum. (aka: SnailHeatReader)

Disclaimer: I don’t own the characters of Olivia Spencer or Natalia Rivera…I just let them have a lot more fun than CBS did!)


Now on with the show…




The bathroom glowed in warm flickering light. The only sound that could be heard was from the open window, as a choir of crickets sung their evening song. Natalia moved toward the lone occupant in the room. The beautiful prone form of Olivia Spencer, lay sleeping in her bath of scented water. The candles lining the back wall, casting shadows across the flawless features of her perfectly sculpted face. Natalia had never seen Olivia more relaxed and at peace. Her long, lean body was stretched out, making use of every inch of the tub’s length. Her arms rested atop the sides of the claw foot tub, with her head pillowed against the back. Olivia looked completely unguarded. It warmed Natalia’s heart to know that Olivia felt safe, because she was home. Olivia is home.


Natalia quietly approached Olivia, careful not to disturb her peaceful slumber. She slowly knelt down beside the bathtub, her eyes never straying from Olivia’s closed lids. When she was positioned in just the right manner, she closed her eyes, taking a deep calming breath. Natalia could feel the adrenalin pumping wildly through her veins. Being within touching distance of Olivia’s nude form was wreaking havoc on her senses. Natalia’s entire being hummed with excitement; even the tips of her fingers seemed to tingle at just the prospect of touching Olivia. She felt a heated blush move up the expanse of her body, at the thought of what she was about to do. She took a deep breath to gather her courage. When she opened her eyes, Natalia found twin pools of dark jade staring back at her.


“Olivia, I’m s-sorry.” Natalia turned away from Olivia. Her body was tense and she looked as if she was ready to run. “I s-shouldn’t have…”


“Shhh, it’s okay.” Olivia’s words cut her apology short. She clasped Natalia’s wrist loosely with her right hand, halting any future escape. Olivia tugged lightly on Natalia’s arm, forcing their eyes to meet again. “It’s okay, Natalia. Really.” Olivia’s smile was warm and inviting. “Really. It’s okay.”


“I-I s-should have…” Natalia closed her eyes, as she tried to catch her breath. She felt winded and embarrassed. She tried again. “I should have let you know that I was here.” Natalia spoke just above a whisper and her voice cracked on the word ‘know.’


“Natalia?” She waited patiently for Natalia to respond. After several long moments, Olivia realized that Natalia was either unwilling or incapable of opening her eyes. She could see Natalia’s chest rising and falling at an increasingly faster rate. Olivia had to do something or Natalia was going to start hyperventilating.


Olivia slowly shifted her body into a sitting position, as she turned to face Natalia. She used her left arm to maneuver her body closer to Natalia’s. Olivia was careful to keep her right hand, (the one that held Natalia’s wrist), as still as possible, not wanting to spook the younger woman. “Natalia?” Olivia whispered.


Natalia’s head swam with the realization that she was no better than most of the men in Springfield, who chased after Olivia. She caught them, on more occasions than she’d like to remember, stealing looks at Olivia and ogling her considerable assets. Each time, Natalia had become more and more angry; because they reduced the woman she loved to sex. Olivia was so much more than sex. She was incredibly intelligent, remarkably resilient, extremely compassionate and extraordinarily loving. She was thoughtful, witty, engaging, charming, funny, elegant and playful. Olivia was all of those things and more; yet here Natalia was caught with her hand in the proverbial cookie jar. Natalia’s mind stopped on one thought. She was no better than all those men she’d despised for reducing Olivia to a mere sexual object. The thought sickened her.


Natalia vaguely recalled hearing her name; but the sound of rushing blood, beating a rhythm in her ears, was making it difficult to hear anything else. She was having a hard time catching her breath and was becoming increasingly lightheaded. Natalia’s sternum was starting to ache from the rapid raising and falling of her chest. She felt the warm hand clasped delicately around her wrist squeeze just a little tighter, and she quickly felt anchored. Olivia. Natalia felt the pad of Olivia’s thumbprint circling her pulse point, as the hand that held her captive encouraged her to open her eyes.


“NATALIA!” This time said much louder. Olivia purposely made her voice sound stern, in an attempt to penetrate the fog of Natalia’s runaway thoughts.


Natalia’s eyes suddenly flew open at the commanding tone of Olivia Spencer.


“There you are.” Olivia’s voice was gentle again. “You were starting to scare me.”


“Olivia?” Natalia’s eyes blinked several times, trying to clear the haze around her vision.


“I’d better be.” Olivia laughed softly, trying to ease Natalia’s level of discomfort. “You’re not allowed to have other naked woman in our bathroom.”


“Oh, right.” Natalia nervously giggled, as she felt the tension start to dissipate in the room. Now, if she could just get her body to stop shaking. “I’ll try to remember that.”


Olivia’s eyebrow rose at Natalia’s comment and then she was laughing wholeheartedly. This was her Natalia. Even when she was scared to with-in an inch of her life, she somehow trusted Olivia completely. Natalia is everything. Everything that had been missing in the 43 years of Olivia’s life was here in this sweet, warm and funny woman. No one had ever loved Olivia more fiercely, more playfully or more compassionately. 


“I am so in love with you.” Olivia’s laughter sobered in the honest reply.


Natalia smiled shyly. “I love you” Then she turned serious. “Can you forgive me?”


“Forgive you? For what?” Olivia questioned.


Natalia didn’t answer with words, but her eyes darted around the room sending a clear message to Olivia.


Olivia was sure to capture Natalia’s eyes before responding. “You want me to forgive you for this warm scented bath, in a room full of amazing candlelight?” Olivia’s eyes locked onto Natalia’s as she moved in a little closer. “Should I forgive you for leaving me a glass of my favorite wine and a note that welcomed me home?”


Natalia was speechless, as a very naked Olivia moved exceedingly closer to her. It took all her willpower not to close her eyes, as Olivia continued to speak in a whispered purr.


“Can I forgive you for making your breathtakingly beautiful face, the first sight that I see when I awake from my little nap?” Olivia used the index finger of her left hand to trace the outline of Natalia’s face. “No, I don’t forgive you, Natalia.” Olivia’s lips were just a breath away from touching Natalia’s. “I thank you.” And then her lips were covering Natalia’s in a long, languid kiss.


Natalia immediately recognized that this was unlike the other kisses they’d shared. This kiss was slower, yet deeper somehow, and there was something else, but Natalia couldn’t quite put her finger on it. Her mind was swimming in a sea of desire, as lips and tongues moved flawlessly together. Olivia’s left hand was gently palming Natalia’s cheek, as her right hand suddenly released her wrist. Natalia instantly missed the contact. When she felt that same hand capture her hip possessively, she fell forward, pressing her body firmly against Olivia. She couldn’t stifle the moan that escaped her lips at the feel of Olivia’s naked breasts pushing into her. When she felt Olivia’s pleasure moaned out into their kiss, she realized what was different about this meeting of their mouths. This kiss held a promise of wonderful things to come.


Natalia’s hands were suddenly wrapped around Olivia’s back, hugging them impossibly closer into their kiss. Olivia couldn’t keep from gasping, at the feel of her painfully erect nipples rubbing against the starched fabric of Natalia’s blouse. They were pressed so tightly together, that when Natalia shuttered, it vibrated through Olivia’s body. Olivia broke free of their kiss, burying her nose in the warmth of Natalia’s neck. Her breathing was ragged and harsh. Olivia was rapidly moving beyond the point of no return. She took deep, quick breaths, as she tried to calm the desire that was running through her body.


Natalia nearly cried at the loss of Olivia’s tongue; her mouth feeling empty and forsaken. Her arms tightened hungrily around Olivia, fearful that she might abandon her altogether. Natalia knew her fears were unwarranted the moment she felt Olivia’s fingers slip under the hem of her shirt, touching her overheated flesh, as she continued to pant against Natalia’s neck. Olivia wants me. She smiled at the thought, until she realized that she was in exactly the situation she had painstakingly tried to avoid.


She had created this bathroom atmosphere, as a way of showing Olivia how much she loved her. Natalia wanted Olivia to feel her complete and committed love, without being distracted by Olivia’s keen sexual prowess. The plan was falling down around her. Natalia was currently being successfully undone by one very aroused Olivia Spencer. This wouldn’t do. She had to get control of herself. No more puddles of goo! She told herself, as she ran her fingernails deliberately down Olivia’s naked back, and cupped Olivia’s perfect bottom. Olivia’s growl of arousal told her that she had hit her mark.


“Natalia?” Olivia’s voice was hoarse with desire. 


Natalia couldn’t fight Olivia. She wanted her too much. Natalia would never win a battle of sexual wills against Olivia. There was only one way to get what she needed. Natalia knew that Olivia would refuse her nothing, so she simply asked for what she wanted.


“Olivia, I need to touch you.” She didn’t recognize her own voice. “Can I touch you?”


“Yes.” Olivia answered, but her desire filled brain wasn’t really registering the question. Wasn’t Natalia already touching her?


When Olivia made no attempt to move. Natalia asked more directly for what she needed. “Will you show me how to touch you?”


Olivia’s back stiffened, as she finally understood what Natalia was asking. Olivia pulled back slightly, so that their eyes could connect. What she saw in those dark chocolate eyes enflamed Olivia’s senses. Natalia loved her, needed her and wanted Olivia to guide her to touch her the way that she needed. Olivia expected to see fear in Natalia’s eyes; instead she saw complete and utter devotion. Olivia had never felt more in love with Natalia.


Olivia reached behind her, capturing Natalia’s hands in hers. As she slowly pulled their bodies apart, she brought Natalia’s hands around to the front of them and then rested them on the tops of her shoulders. Natalia gripped Olivia’s shoulders tightly to steady herself on her bended knees. Olivia rested her hands on Natalia’s skirt covered waist.


 “Natalia, I’m yours.” She smiled into Natalia’s eyes. “Everything that I am, everything I have, or ever will have. Everything is yours and yours alone.”


Olivia placed a chaste kiss above Natalia’s brow ridge, before replacing her lips with her forehead. They both breathed deeply, comforted by the familiar connection. After a few minutes, Olivia sat back in the tub, reclining her body in an angle toward Natalia. She never took her eyes off of Natalia’s, as she put her naked form on open display for the woman she loves. She was rewarded with the sound of Natalia’s moan of approval.


Natalia’s eyes hungrily ravished Olivia’s body. She didn’t know where to look first. She wanted to see her everywhere at the same time, but when she tried, she was frustrated that she couldn’t focus on any one part. Natalia’s mind couldn’t register the gift she was just given. Olivia Spencer. A completely naked, Olivia Spencer was lying open and ready for Natalia to look at in any way that she wanted. And Touch. She could freely touch Olivia Spencer. Natalia’s mind was on overload. Focus Natalia.


Olivia watched Natalia scan her nakedness. Her eyes darting back and forth, along Olivia’s body at such a fast pace, Olivia almost felt winded watching their route. She smiled knowingly, when she saw the almost sinister expression flash across Natalia’s face. Olivia recognized this look. Natalia had just realized she could touch Olivia too. She watched as Natalia pitched forward on her knees, bringing her swollen belly to rest against the side of the bathtub. She inhaled deeply, before reaching out to touch Olivia.


Olivia caught Natalia’s hand in her own, and grinned when she heard Natalia’s frustrated growl.  She brought the hand to her lips, kissing across the knuckles before turning Natalia’s hand palm side up. Olivia kissed the center of her palm once, and then looked up to Natalia. When she was sure she had her complete attention, she said. “You can touch me anywhere you want, for as long as you want.” She kissed the palm in her hand delicately. “But when you are finished.” She held Natalia’s eyes with her own, as she kissed her palm again. “This is what I’m going to do to your entire body.” Olivia devoured Natalia’s hand. Tongue, teeth, and lips ravished every inch of her hand. When Olivia licked and sucked the sensitive area between her thumb and index finger, there was no misunderstanding the meaning behind that simulation. Natalia Rivera swooned.


“Olivia.” She said Olivia’s name like a prayer. Natalia’s eyes were hooded and her voice was dripping with desire. “Please.”


Olivia had never seen anything more beautiful than an aroused Natalia. She kissed her palm softly, letting her tongue soothe over the places where her teeth had recently traveled. Olivia’s bite marks had almost completely faded away, but the skin was still sensitive enough to make Natalia’s breath hitch. “I love you, Natalia.” She said, before moving Natalia’s hand to rest in the center of her bare chest, just over her heartbeat.


Natalia closed her eyes briefly, as she felt the strong beat of Olivia’s heart against her hand. She opened tear filled eyes, and looked at Olivia in apology. “I almost lost you. I almost lost this.” Natalia wasn’t referring to Olivia’s transplant; she was referring to her heart. She had almost lost Olivia’s love, by abandoning her and Emma.


Olivia covered Natalia’s hand with her own. “You never lost me, and you never will.”


Olivia’s declaration seemed to fortify Natalia. She looked thankfully at Olivia, before vowing a promise to her. “I will never leave you again.” She smiled through her tears. “You’re stuck with me.” She repeated Olivia’s words from earlier that evening.


Olivia laughed, before pinning Natalia with seriously aroused eyes. “Do you love me?”


“Yes, with ever ounce of my being.” Natalia’s voice was steady and sure. She would never give Olivia reason to doubt her love again.


“Do you want me?” She studied Natalia’s face looking for any sign of apprehension.


“Yes, more than anyone or anything.” Again, Natalia’s answer left no room for doubt.


She moved her hand from atop Natalia’s, freeing it from its entrapment, where it rested against Olivia’s chest. There was a challenge written in Olivia’s eyes. “Then touch me.”


Natalia didn’t hesitate. She moved her hand to Olivia’s face, letting the tips of her fingers trace a line along a strong jaw. Natalia tucked a loose strand of Olivia’s hair behind her ear. She knew what she wanted then. Natalia looked up at the clip that pinned Olivia’s hair back and away from her face. Looking back to Olivia’s eyes, she said. “Take it out.”


Olivia smiled at the command in Natalia’s voice, and reached up and removed the hairclip. Natalia ran her hand through Olivia’s thick chestnut tresses. Olivia closed her eyes enjoying the feeling of Natalia’s touch. She felt a second hand added to Natalia’s task, as she raked her fingernails along Olivia’s scalp. She had expected Natalia’s touch to be timid, but was more than happy to be mistaken. Olivia felt strong hands tugging at her hair and pulling her head upward. She opened her eyes just in time to see Natalia launch her body forward, as she captured Olivia’s lips wildly. Natalia’s kiss was hungry and possessive. Olivia knew the intention behind this kiss. Natalia was staking her claim.


In the past, Olivia would have pushed back. She would have dominated the kiss of her lover, showing him that she was in charge. Olivia never allowed anyone to put a claim on her. But this was Natalia, and Olivia wanted to be claimed by her. Olivia Spencer did the one thing she had never done with any other lover; she let go. She gave herself over completely to Natalia’s passion. She allowed Natalia’s tongue to plunder her willing mouth with absolutely no resistance. Olivia Spencer surrendered to Natalia Rivera.


Natalia could feel the blood thrumming away in her veins, as she pushed her lips more forcefully against Olivia’s. She couldn’t get close enough to Olivia, and she felt as if her kisses were somehow missing their target. Natalia needed more. Then she felt Olivia’s body relax, and it was as if Natalia was falling inside of her mouth. She could feel Olivia’s surrender, as she seemed to take every inch of Natalia’s tongue into that amazing orifice. She felt a sudden rush of fire move upward from the tips of her toes and settle hotly in the pit of her stomach. Natalia barely had a chance to identify the feeling, before it exploded and shot straight up her body and out through the top of her head. Natalia’s body shuttered than stiffened, as wetness flooded her aroused womanhood. 


Natalia pulled back from the kiss abruptly, her breath ragged and harsh, as she looked to Olivia with hooded eyes. “Olivia?”


Olivia felt the change in Natalia’s body instantly. She pulled Natalia to her chest hugging her protectively. “It’s okay.”


“I’ve never.” Natalia was dazed. “That’s never happened before.” She felt dumbfounded by her body’s response. It wasn’t as if Natalia hadn’t had an orgasm before, but never without being touched.


Olivia lovingly combed her fingers through Natalia’s hair. “Thank you.” She kissed the top of Natalia’s head. “I’m glad you saved that for me.”


“I don’t think I had much of a choice.” Natalia giggled into Olivia’s chest.


Olivia smiled. “We always have choices.” She moved her hands to Natalia’s face, tilting her head upward until their lips met in a soft kiss. “I’m just so glad you choose me.” Olivia was talking about more than this moment. Natalia had chosen her to share her life.


Natalia understood the meaning behind Olivia’s words. “I will always choose you.”


They held each other close, thankful to be together. Each lost in thoughts of the road traveled to be here in this moment. Their love had survived through more hardships than they’d like to remember, but they were still here. Love had prevailed.

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11 October 2009 @ 09:33 pm

Title: Everything

Author: joblairfan

Fandom: Guiding Light

Pairing: Olivia/Natalia

Rating: Parts 1-4 (G rated), Parts 5-7 (Seriously NC-17)

Spoilers: Assumes back story up until 9/10/09. I have taken a few liberties, including:

1) Making Natalia a little less pregnant. (6 mos.) 2) Explaining why Natalia disappeared the way that she did. 3) Giving voice to “what I think” has been left unsaid between our girls, through the use of inner dialogue. 4) Giving Olivia “Freakin’ Spencer back her sexual prowess. 5) Proving that Natalia is “in touch” with what she really wants. 6) Proving women in love have more than forehead sex.

Summary: This story takes place on the day that Olivia and Emma (finally) move back to the farmhouse, and chronicles their first night together.

Special Thanks: To my offline beta, Tatum. (aka: SnailHeatReader)

Disclaimer: I don’t own the characters of Olivia Spencer or Natalia Rivera…I just let them have a lot more fun than CBS did!)


Now on with the show…




Olivia was still smiling when she entered the master bedroom. She began moving across the room toward the bathroom, but stopped when she reached Natalia’s bed. Their bed. Olivia moved to the foot of the bed, and ran her hand along the patchwork quilt that was displayed there. It was obviously hand stitched and looked like something that would have been passed down through generations. Olivia marveled at how each piece of material was completely different. No two were alike. Each piece was added separately, and held its own story, yet sewn together in a thing of beauty. What a family should be. She smiled thoughtfully. And exactly what Natalia offered to Emma and Olivia so freely.


Olivia let her eyes roam over the length and width of the room. She’d been in Natalia’s bedroom on countless occasions, when they’d lived together as friends. But this was the first time that she had the opportunity to really take in ever little nuance. Olivia studied the objects in the room, enjoying the freedom of this new exploration. Each item was a reflection of the beautiful brunette. The little desk in the corner had an antique lamp perched above the writing blotter. This was where Natalia had spent hours writing to her imprisoned son. Daily hand writing cards and letters in her flawless script.


Olivia’s eyes moved to the wooden handled hairbrush on the bedside table. She closed her eyes imaging Natalia sitting on the edge of the bed brushing her long strands of dark silk. Olivia opened her eyes, when she felt the light breeze coming through the open window. In front of the window was an old rocking chair; there was something hooked around the wooden arm. Olivia smiled. Rosary beads. She could picture Natalia rocking back and forth rhythmically as she recited her prayers of devotion. Saint Natalia.


Olivia’s eyes focused on the bed, as her mind turned to sex. There were no images to conjure up about wild nights of passion, or even dull forms of foreplay. Nope. There had been no sex here. She had bought this bed for Natalia, when they’d first moved in together. Olivia called it a housewarming present. There had never been anyone in this bed but Natalia. Definitely a no sex area. She wondered if Natalia had even ever thought about sex, while laying in this bed. Olivia’s mind immediately raced to the bigger question. Masturbation? No! She was pretty sure that strict Catholics considered self-love a mortal sin. Of course they also thought sex outside of marriage and same gendered sex was sinful too. Sin was everywhere!


Olivia stressfully sighed. She loved and desired Natalia. She wanted to please her and love her in every way imaginable. Olivia wanted to make long sweet love to Natalia for days and nights on end. But she also wanted fast hot dirty sex with Natalia. Olivia had a very defined sexual appetite, and she wanted to share this part of herself with Natalia too. Hell, truth be told, she wanted to play and experiment. Olivia had never been with a woman before, and that didn’t scare her, it excited her. This was new territory and an expanding of her horizons. Natalia. She was so in love with Natalia. Olivia just wanted to experience everything with the woman she loved. Isn’t that what love is all about?


Olivia realized that it was Natalia’s lack of experience that was tripping her up. It sounds romantic to talk about the virgin bride, but in reality it’s daunting as hell. Most couple’s sex lives were derived from boundaries. What you will do and what you won’t, based on experience. One partner defines their NO crossing zone, and the other knows exactly how far to push without breaking the agreed upon barrier. When you try to add a virgin into that combination: You get headaches and hurt feelings. Natalia wasn’t a virgin; Rafe and her current pregnancy were proof of that. So, why did Olivia feel like the big bad wolf that was trying to sneak a peak from under Natalia’s little red riding hood?


Olivia shook her head in disbelief, as she walked toward the bathroom. Saint Natalia. Of all the people in the world, how does someone like her end up with someone like Natalia? She smiled. Sounds like fodder for a bad porn movie, “The Sex kitten and the Saint.” Olivia wondered if Natalia had ever seen a porn movie. Probably not. Read erotica? Olivia shook her head in the negative. Natalia’s not really the trashy romance novel type. She had worked for Blake for a short time, but not enough time to do much reading. Maybe Olivia could buy Natalia a book? Maybe not. Olivia had another idea. What about buying an instructional book? Olivia reasoned that self-help books were a multi-million dollar business; of course she doubted they had a book for their situation. Olivia smirked imagining the likely titles, “It’s not a sin to make your Saint scream in bed,” “Getting your Saint to reveal her nasty habits,” and her personal favorite, “Oh, Go Fuck Your Saint.” This is hopeless!


Olivia sighed dejectedly. Maybe I’ll just have to become a Saint too. Sex isn’t that important. Well it is, but not as important as love. Olivia had had all kinds of sex in her life. More than her share. What she never had was love. Natalia gave her a precious gift. Sex was great, but love was perfect, because it came in the form of one Natalia Rivera. Her sweet innocent Natalia. Mother of her current and future children, Natalia. Olivia let this go! She told herself. Natalia had already changed so many things with-in her. Over time she could probably transform Olivia’s lust as well. It wasn’t like it had ever offered her much happiness. In fact, her life before Natalia had been one rocky road after another.


Olivia stood a little straighter with that realization. She walked through the door to the bathroom, deciding to leave her worries about sex behind her for the time being. Olivia could live with vanilla sex, if it meant having Natalia.


But, maybe she wouldn’t have too! Olivia’s eyes were wide as saucers. The bathroom was alight with candles of every size, safely tucked away inside of clear glass globes. As she approached the tub, the smells of lavender and jasmine filled her senses. Olivia saw the wine glass sitting by the tub and smiled. Could it be? Olivia picked up the glass and brought it to her nose. As she took in the wine’s bouquet, her entire face beamed with a knowing smile. My favorite. Olivia hurriedly undressed and slide into the warm scented water. She expected the water to be cool, considering Natalia must have drawn the bath some time ago, but instead it was perfect. How does she do that?


Olivia slid lower into the tub, as she again reach for her wineglass. It was then that she noticed the note that Natalia had left for her. 


Welcome Home My Love,


Drink your wine, close your eyes and relax. But, don’t you dare get out of this tub until I come to get you!


Olivia smiled widely, as she took in her surroundings. Natalia had filled the room with some of Olivia’s favorite things. Natalia had created this beautifully romantic atmosphere simply to give her pleasure. Olivia recognized the intention behind this gift. She brought the wineglass to her lips, letting the aroma flow through her as she sipped the liquid slowly. Natalia Rivera is wooing me! There’s definitely nothing vanilla about Natalia.



Natalia took one more look at her sleeping daughter, before quietly closing the door behind her. She rested her head against the closed door and said a silent prayer of thanksgiving. Natalia’s life was so full and happy because of the two remarkable souls that shared her life. Olivia was her heart, and this beautiful little girl was the light that shined brightest in their lives. Emma had essentially brought the two of them together. In fact, she knew that Olivia and Natalia were more than just friends, long before they had. My Two Mommies. Emma had put a name to the feelings that the two women shared, but so desperately tried to hide. Their sweet little Emma had forged a bond between Natalia and Olivia that even in the hardest of times would not be broken.


Hard times? The most difficult challenge they’d faced as a couple, was of Natalia’s creation. She took a deep slow breath, trying to soothe the pain she felt at the memory. She had betrayed Olivia and Emma. She had followed her priest’s directive, and almost lost her family in the process. Natalia left her family for over a month without saying goodbye or telling them where she was. Natalia sighed. She hadn’t left a note or any type of assurance that she’d be returning. Father Ray convinced her to disconnect her cell phone and not to leave contact information. He said that she needed silence, so that she could hear God. Why had she believed that? She had never failed to hear God before!


Still she took his advice and just disappeared. And if all that wasn’t bad enough: She entrusted Father Ray, who barely tolerated Olivia, to comfort her and explain Natalia’s absence. Big mistake. Why had she taken advice about her relationship with Olivia, from a man who would never honor their love? Natalia felt betrayed by Father Ray. She knew in the end that the responsibility was hers, but she still felt angry with the him. Angry, because in her heart she knew, if Olivia had been a man and Emma her blood child, he would have never instructed her to leave them, especially in such a hurtful way. She wondered if Father Ray had thought that Olivia and Natalia’s love would fade during his suggested separation? If he had, he couldn’t have been more wrong.


During her time away Natalia found the answers she’d sought. For the first time in her life, she was able to really look at herself and ask the hard questions. She painfully realized that she’d spent her entire life reacting to the decisions other people made for her, particularly when it came to the church. Natalia was able to see how her inability to make choices had affected those around her, especially Olivia. Natalia had always wanted Olivia, but had lacked the strength to truly choose Olivia. For weeks on end, she chipped away at her fears and insecurities, while focusing on her love for God and her family. Natalia suspected that her priest’s intention, for sending her away, was to break up her family. Instead, her time at the retreat made her love for Olivia and Emma grow stronger. When Natalia returned to Springfield, she was ready, willing and able to claim that love.


Natalia breathed a sigh of relief. Somehow, after everything she had put Olivia through, she had found a way to forgive Natalia. She placed her hand over her ever-growing midsection. Olivia’s capacity to love was truly astounding. Not only had she forgiven Natalia, Olivia had willingly accepted the child she’s carrying as her own. Natalia recognized the precious gift that she’d been given. She knew how easily her actions could have resulted in her losing everything that she held dear. Natalia would eventually learn to forgive herself for the hurt she’d caused, but she would never forget. Never. Remembering would insure that she never took her family for granted again. Emma and Olivia were finally home. Natalia was given a second chance, and she wouldn’t waste this priceless gift. Everyday, she would show her family just how much they were loved.


Olivia my love. Natalia would love Olivia without restraint, and she’d give herself freely to Olivia. No more boundaries. No more indecision. No more ambivalence. No more playing it safe. No more fear. Natalia was in love with Olivia and it was time to show her that love. Natalia knew what she wanted. She wanted Olivia, in every possible way. Natalia’s mind flashed to an image of Olivia in the bath. A very naked Olivia. Natalia felt desire’s pull, as she began moving down the corridor to where Olivia waited. She would show Olivia, in every way, just how much she was loved. And Natalia would start now.

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11 October 2009 @ 09:30 pm

Title: Everything

Author: joblairfan

Fandom: Guiding Light

Pairing: Olivia/Natalia

Rating: Parts 1-4 (G rated), Parts 5-7 (Seriously NC-17)

Spoilers: Assumes back story up until 9/10/09. I have taken a few liberties, including:

1) Making Natalia a little less pregnant. (6 mos.) 2) Explaining why Natalia disappeared the way that she did. 3) Giving voice to “what I think” has been left unsaid between our girls, through the use of inner dialogue. 4) Giving Olivia “Freakin’ Spencer back her sexual prowess. 5) Proving that Natalia is “in touch” with what she really wants. 6) Proving women in love have more than forehead sex.

Summary: This story takes place on the day that Olivia and Emma (finally) move back to the farmhouse, and chronicles their first night together.

Special Thanks: To my offline beta, Tatum. (aka: SnailHeatReader)

Disclaimer: I don’t own the characters of Olivia Spencer or Natalia Rivera…I just let them have a lot more fun than CBS did!)


Now on with the show…




The bathroom was bathed in candlelight and smelled of fresh Jasmine and Lavender. Natalia tested the bath water with the index finger of her right hand. Perfect. She had purposely drawn the bath to be just a little hotter than needed. Natalia knew that the ‘slightly overheated’ temperature of the water would tire Olivia. Add to that the aromatherapy candle scents and the bath salts, and poor Olivia would be putty in her hands. Natalia knew first hand how pliable a sleepy and foggy headed Olivia could be.


Natalia smiled ruefully, as she sniffed the alcohol charged odor of Olivia’s favorite wine. She placed the oversized and overfull wine glass beside the bathtub. Just a little added measure to make sure her Olivia could relax properly. Her Olivia. She loved the sound of that as it rolled through her mind. Soon she would claim Olivia and truly make her hers in every way imaginable.


She let the images of their life together slide across the backs of her closed eyelids, like a picture slide show. Olivia and Emma carving their Halloween pumpkin. Olivia and Emma smiling, as they held up matching turkey legs. Olivia posing beside the Christmas tree wearing that god-awful Christmas sweater that Emma bought her last year. Olivia kissing Natalia at the stroke of midnight on their living room couch. Olivia smiling proudly, as she held their newborn baby girl. Olivia. Perfect, wonderful, amazing Olivia.


Natalia stood up abruptly, and clapped her hands together confidently. Okay Natalia, it’s time to go get your girl. She walked purposefully through the bathroom door and into the master bedroom. She moved to the little desk in the corner and opened the top drawer to find a note pad and pen. Natalia smirked as she scribbled a note on the paper. She folded the paper in half, and wrote Olivia’s name on the outside edge. Natalia returned to the bathroom and placed the note against the stem of Olivia’s wineglass.




“I’m glad we are living with Natalia again.” Emma’s voice was happy, but she couldn’t hide the tired edge in her tone.


Olivia smiled against the top of her daughter’s head, as she snuggled a little closer into her side. “Me too, Bean. I’ve really missed our family.”


“I don’t like it when you and Natalia fight.” Emma’s admission was spoken barely above a whisper. She didn’t want to live anywhere else, but with her two mommies.


“Me neither. I’ll try to be nicer, so we don’t fight anymore.” Olivia grumbled in a pretend angry tone, as she reached down and tickled the top of Emma’s thigh.


“Mom, stop!” Emma laughed uncontrollably, as she swatted Olivia’s hand away. She was painfully ticklish and it seemed that her mother loved to torture her every chance she got.


Olivia relented after a few minutes, but not before getting Emma to swear a promise to do an array of household chores, during the upcoming week. Olivia knew it wasn’t smart to get Emma all worked up before bedtime. It was really just a diversionary tactic on Olivia’s part, until she could think of the right thing to say to her daughter. Their daughter! Natalia was so much better with the difficult conversations. If Natalia were here, she’d tell Emma that it’s okay to disagree, as long as you always remember that you love each other. Natalia would find some poetic way to ease Emma’s fears, with words that spoke of love, loyalty and friendship. She’d say something about family and always sticking together. Emma would skip away from their conversation happier than ever, with not a worry in sight. She really wished Natalia were here for this conversation.


“Emma, do you have any idea how much I love you?” Olivia asked.


“A whole bunch?” Emma giggled, remembering the words of the lullaby her mother used to sing to her.


Olivia smiled. “Even more than that.” Olivia took a deep breath and dived into uncharted waters. “Emma, I have always loved you more than anyone. Since the day you were born; you were the most important thing in my life. There is nothing that I wouldn’t do for you, baby. There is nothing that would ever make me stop loving you. Okay?”




Olivia sighed in relief. She had done a good job of swimming in the shallow end of the pool. Natalia could handle the deep stuff later.


“Mommy?” It seemed Emma had a different idea. “Do you love Natalia like you loved Daddy, Bill and Uncle Buzz?”


Emma had just thrown her into the middle of the ocean without a life preserver. Olivia pinched the bridge of her nose, as she felt the ache start to creep along her forehead. This was her penance for being so damn promiscuous in front of her daughter’s watchful eyes. Olivia had no right to expose her daughter to the shambles she’d called a love life. She would be lucky if Emma wasn’t scarred for life. Especially, after wading through the sea of unhealthy relationships in her mother’s life over the last nine years.


Of course that was before Natalia. Natalia was the one bright spot in Olivia’s history of lovers. That’s what she needed to focus on. Her relationship with Natalia was healthy, and a good role model for her daughter. Together, they would show Emma how good love could be; how right and true love can be. Together they would erase every bad image of love that Olivia had shown to Emma, before finding Natalia.


No time like the present. “No, Emma. I don’t love Natalia in the same way as Daddy, Bill and Uncle Buzz. I love Natalia more. I love Natalia like I love you and Ava. Just like I could never stop loving you or Ava; I could never stop loving Natalia.”


“Because she is our family?” Emma questioned. She really needed to understand.


“Yes, but that’s not the only reason.” Olivia struggled to explain in nine-year-old terms, what loving Natalia meant to her. “I love you and Ava because you are my family, but I also love you because you hold a very special place right here.” Olivia placed her hand over her heart. “There have only been two people who have had this special place in my heart. You and Ava.”


“Until Natalia?” Emma seemed fascinated by this new knowledge.


“Yes, baby. Until Natalia.” Olivia lifted Emma’s chin so that she could look into her daughter’s eyes. “You, Ava and Natalia.” She took Emma’s hand in hers, and laid it against her heartbeat. “You three are the only ones who have ever been here.”


“What about when my new baby sister comes?” Emma smiled.


“Well, I guess you, Ava and Natalia will have to make some room for her too!” Olivia wiggled her eyebrows at Emma.


Emma suddenly sounded serious, as her hand stiffened on her mother’s chest. “What if Rafe wants to be in here too?”


Olivia smiled teary eyed at her beautiful daughter. “Then we’ll build him his own room.”


Olivia couldn’t help but scoop Emma up into her arms. God she loved this child. Olivia smiled, as she felt Emma squeeze her tightly. How had she gotten so lucky to have two such amazing daughters? In fact, in three short months, she’d be blessed with another little girl. Three beautiful daughters, a gorgeous woman to help her raise them and a home life she was proud of. Again, Olivia wondered how she got so damn lucky!


Olivia turned toward the sound of Natalia’s gasp. She saw Natalia standing at the foot of the stairs; tears rolling freely down her smiling face. Suddenly Olivia had her arms filled with two of her favorite girls. Really, she thought to herself. How’d I get so damn lucky?


Natalia clung to Olivia. She was speechless. There was so much she wanted to say, but Olivia’s words had rendered her mute. After everything that she and Rafe had put Olivia through, she still made a place in her heart for them. There were just no words.


Olivia felt Natalia’s breath against her cheek and her lips kiss her ear. Like a mantra, Natalia whispered the same three words over and over again. “I love you.”



They stayed wrapped in each others arms until Emma became restless, as all nine year olds need to move. Some flaw in their design doesn’t allow them to sit still for more than five minutes. Unless of course their sleeping, watching Dora the Explorer, playing video games, hogging the computer or asking questions that make their parents cringe. Olivia smiled. That’s how we got here to begin with. Maybe the question part wasn’t so bad.


“Well, I guess it’s time for my bath.” Olivia smiled when she noticed the blush that appeared on Natalia’s face.


“And while Mommy is in the bath, guess who gets to tuck you in?” Natalia asked Emma.


“Yeah!” Emma cheered. “What story should we read? I got a bunch of new books at the library last week.” Enthusiasm came easily to their daughter.


“Let’s pick something your baby sister will like. Then I can read to both of my favorite little girls.” Natalia said as she placed a kiss atop Emma’s head.


Olivia watched as Natalia and Emma girlishly giggled as they climbed the stairs together. She realized that this farmhouse wasn’t her home. Her home was where her heart was. No place of mortar, wood or stone could hold her heart. Only Natalia and her children could do that. They were her home. Olivia suddenly remembered what she had left unsaid between her and Emma.


She moved to the bottom of the staircase and called up to Emma. She was rewarded with two sets of eyes smiling down at her. One set a color of green that matched her own. The other set was the color of dark amber. Olivia saw two completely different sets of eyes, with two very different types of affection staring back at her. The one thing those eyes had in common; they both were brimming with love that was designed for Olivia alone.


“Emma, I want you to know that we are really home to stay. We won’t be moving out again.” Olivia smiled, when she saw Emma’s face grow impossibly more beautiful.


“Yeah! We’re never moving again!” Emma cheered, waving her hands in the air.


Olivia’s eyes twinkled with mischief. She was sure to catch Natalia’s eyes, as she added. “Nope! Never moving again. Unless of course we need a bigger house, because Natalia wants to give you more little baby brothers and sisters in the future.” Olivia laughed heartily when Natalia’s eyebrows rose so high they almost disappeared into her hairline.


“Yeah! More baby sisters!” Apparently, Emma missed the baby brother part of Olivia’s remark. “How many can we have?” Emma was practically dancing in front of Natalia.


Natalia gave Olivia the devil stare, before turning her face into a smile for Emma. “I don’t know, Emma. That’s something we’ll have to discuss as a family.”


“I want three! How many do you want mommy?” Emma asked Olivia excitedly. She sounded like she was ordering off a menu from Natalia’s Baby Factory.


Olivia couldn’t hold back her laughter. Especially, when she saw Natalia’s shocked expression, at their daughter’s question.


“Emma!” Olivia couldn’t get herself under control and barked out another round of laughter. She looked to Natalia, who was doing a great impersonation of a fish out of water. No help there. Olivia tried again, “Emma, I think the question is: How many babies does Natalia want to have?”


“Oh?” Emma paused to consider her mother’s comment and then smiled brightly. “Natalia, do you want to have three more baby sisters for me and mommy?”


“Uhhh?” Natalia was getting really good at that fish impression.


Emma’s question to Natalia almost caused Olivia to fall on the floor laughing. Olivia’s body was shaking with laughter, Emma was smiling joyfully and Natalia was making fish faces. Could life get any better than this?


Taking pity on Natalia, Olivia decided to address their daughter’s question. She climbed the stairs to stand beside the woman she loved. She wrapped one arm around Natalia, as she placed her free hand over Natalia’s swollen belly.


“Emma, we have to wait for our little girl to be born first,” She smiled into Natalia’s eyes. “Before we deicide, as a family,” She looked down to Emma. “If want to have anymore babies. Okay?”


“Okay!” Emma nodded her approval, as her mothers pulled her in for a hug.


“Time for bed, sweetie.” Natalia regained her voice. “Give Mommy a kiss goodnight.”


As Natalia walked Emma to her bedroom, she glanced back to Olivia over her shoulder. “It’s bath time for you, Mommy.” Natalia smiled, as she pointed to the door of the master bedroom. Natalia’s smile was the picture of innocence. Best to keep Olivia unaware, she thought. Natalia would get her ‘sweet’ revenge later, and it would be so worth the wait.


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11 October 2009 @ 09:25 pm

Title: Everything

Author: joblairfan

Fandom: Guiding Light

Pairing: Olivia/Natalia

Rating: Parts 1-4 (G rated), Parts 5-7 (Seriously NC-17)

Spoilers: Assumes back story up until 9/10/09. I have taken a few liberties, including:

1) Making Natalia a little less pregnant. (6 mos.) 2) Explaining why Natalia disappeared the way that she did. 3) Giving voice to “what I think” has been left unsaid between our girls, through the use of inner dialogue. 4) Giving Olivia “Freakin’ Spencer back her sexual prowess. 5) Proving that Natalia is “in touch” with what she really wants. 6) Proving women in love have more than forehead sex.

Summary: This story takes place on the day that Olivia and Emma (finally) move back to the farmhouse, and chronicles their first night together.

Special Thanks: To my offline beta, Tatum. (aka: SnailHeatReader)

Disclaimer: I don’t own the characters of Olivia Spencer or Natalia Rivera…I just let them have a lot more fun than CBS did!)


Now on with the show…




Olivia groaned as she bent down to pick up the broken bits of glass from the porch floor. She grimaced at the aching feeling in the overused muscles of her lower back. She slowly raised her body up, stretching herself like a cat, trying to find relief in the calculated movements.


“I told you not to over do it today, but you were too stubborn to listen.” Natalia’s voice was stern, but her hands were soft as they reached out to touch Olivia’s ache.


Olivia couldn’t stop the deep groan that rose up inside of her, at the feeling of Natalia’s hands running along her spine. “I barely did a thing.”


“You feel pretty tense for someone who barely did a thing, today!”


“Of course I’m tense!” Olivia bent her head back to catch Natalia’s eyes. Mischief was written in her stare, as she wiggled her eyebrows suggestively. “A sexy woman has her hands all over my body.”


Natalia beamed with a full dimpled smile, as she moved forward to hug Olivia from behind. She sighed happily as she pressed her cheek against Olivia’s back, and moved her hands to encircle Olivia’s waist. Natalia’s smile grew impossibly larger as she felt her own hands covered by Olivia’s and heard a matching sigh of contentment coming from the other woman.


“You make me so happy. I could just hold you forever.” Natalia whispered into Olivia’s back, her voice sounding happy and awe filled.


Olivia’s heart was full. God only knew how much she loved Natalia. She herself could never measure it or compare it to anything known. All she knew was that she felt it in every fiber of her being. There was nothing she wouldn’t do for this woman. No mountain she wouldn’t climb; no river she wouldn’t cross. And frankly, she didn’t understand it. On the days that she was honest with herself, it scared the hell right out of Olivia. How was it possible that this little slip of a woman could make her feel so much? How was it that this one person held so much power over her life and happiness?


Olivia resigned herself to the fact that she may never know the answers to these questions. She smiled as she realized that it really didn’t matter, as long as Natalia was holding her.


 “I can think of nothing I want more than to be held by you, but do you have anything a little better than forever?” Olivia’s voice was playful, hiding the serious thoughts that were working their way through her mind.


Natalia smiled against Olivia’s back, as she tightened her arms possessively around Olivia. “How’s eternity work for ya?”


“Mmm.” Olivia purred. “That’s much better.”


They stood there holding each other, enjoying this new freedom in their relationship. They had always been demonstrative in their affections, but they had both observed the boundaries of friendship. There were lines that couldn’t be crossed. They had been careful to keep touches light and hugs short. Their kisses had been chaste. Reserved only for the barest touches of a cheek or forehead, that usually signaled a hello or a goodbye.


But now they were together, coupled, united and soon to be lovers. Soon there would be no more limits or boundaries between them. This exhilarated the couple, as much as it scared them, but they were too far-gone to turn back now. They would traverse this new territory together, and they would be stronger for it. 


Stronger? Natalia wondered how her feelings could possibly be any stronger for the woman she was holding. How was it possible to love Olivia anymore than she already did? Yet, everyday that is exactly what seemed to happen. She was ready to take the next step with Olivia. She wanted her in every possible way, but the idea still frightened her. Not because she was a woman. Natalia was beyond that. Being separated from Olivia had cured that little phobia. She wanted Olivia mind, body and soul. Not because she was a woman, but because she was Olivia Spencer. She had no doubt that she’d love Olivia no more or no less whether she was a man or a woman. The gender of the body didn’t matter, as long as it was Olivia’s body.


Of course that’s not to say that she didn’t love Olivia’s womanly body. Natalia unconsciously licked her lips at the thought. Olivia was breathtakingly beautiful, with curves that were dangerously sexy and just begging to be explored. Natalia felt lightheaded at her own thoughts. This was the power that Olivia had over her. Hell, Olivia had that same power over anyone with a decent set of eyes. The woman was flat out gorgeous and oozed sex from every pore of her magnificent body.


Wanting Olivia was not a problem. Loving Olivia was the easiest thing in the world to do. Touching Olivia was all Natalia wanted to do. Making love with Olivia; now that’s where her confidence faltered. Every time that Olivia touched her, she felt as though she were a sixteen-year-old virgin again, completely devoid of any sexual abilities. Not that she had a lot of experience before Olivia, but that didn’t stop her from knowing what she wanted. She knew all of the ways that she wanted to touch, taste and hold Olivia. The problem was that every time Olivia touched her, she lost all conscious thought and turned into a trembling pile of goo.


If she had any hope of making love to Olivia properly, she’d have to find a way to keep Olivia’s hands off of her. The image of Olivia tied to their bed flashed through her mind. Natalia fought to hold down the moan that was threatening to escape, at the naughty image displaying in her wicked little mind. Honestly, if people only knew some of the things that she thought about. Good thing God gave her dimples. She smiled to herself. Natalia was able to hide quite a few naughty things behind her dimples. Olivia was going to be so surprised. Natalia’s plans for Olivia were beginning to form.


Olivia’s body felt relaxed in Natalia’s arms. She had found a safe haven in the love of this sweet, innocent woman. Innocent? For all of the bad things that she’d experienced in her life, Natalia had come through it untarnished. Her parents had shunned her at sixteen, for becoming pregnant out of wedlock. The father of her child had left her to care for their son alone. She’d been looked down upon, all of her life, for her meager offerings, as she worked in every hellhole that could pay her enough money to support her illegitimate son. Some times working as many as three jobs at a time. Finally finding the father of her child, and convincing him to marry her, only to be challenged every step of the way by a fierce rival. Losing the man that she loved without ever having the marriage that she so desperately wanted. Giving her dead husband’s heart to the one person she despised most in the world, simply because it was what the man she loved would have wanted. Natalia was more than some silly super hero; she was a freaking Saint.


Olivia was pulled from her ruminations, when a warm hand patted her belly softly. “It’s getting late.” Natalia’s hand was now rubbing circles around Olivia’s stomach with the pads of her fingertips. “As much as I love holding you, I think our daughter’s brain will turn to mush if we let her sit in front of that television much longer.”


Natalia’s innocent touch was causing a fire to build in an area much lower than Olivia’s stomach. Trying to stave off her arousal, Olivia playfully reached behind their joined bodies and tickled Natalia’s ribs. “What do you have against mush heads?”


Natalia instinctively pulled back, laughing heartily as she spoke. “Nothing! As long as I’m not married to one or raising one. Mush heads are fine by me.”


“You won’t marry a mush head?” Olivia pretended to be shocked.




“I’ll have to keep that in mind.” Olivia teased.


“You do that, Ms. Spencer.” Natalia said with all sincerity, as she placed a kiss to the back of Olivia’s head.


Olivia’s hands latched onto Natalia’s hips, pulling her tightly against her back. When she heard Natalia gasp, and felt a warm breath slip across the base of her ear, Olivia rocked her hips back into Natalia. It was just a quick little motion, but she was rewarded with Natalia’s groan of pleasure. Olivia smiled. “I’ll think of nothing else, Ms. Rivera.”  


Oh God. Natalia’s body was humming. She felt electrified from Olivia’s sudden movement. Stop with the goo, Natalia! She told herself, as she tried to gain some control over her body. Natalia tried to focus on the plan she had been forming in her mind, before Olivia had turned her into another helpless puddle. She took a deep, slow breath. Focus on the plan.


“Plan?” Olivia questioned.


Damn had she said that out loud? Get it under control, Rivera! “Hmm?” Natalia stalled.


Olivia’s smile widened. She loved the sound of a flustered Natalia. “You said something about a plan.” She grasped the hand that was lazily drawling circles across her stomach. She brought that hand to her lips, kissing the center of Natalia’s palm. “What plan?”


“Not really a plan.” Natalia nervously cleared her throat. “More of an idea actually.”


“Okay, let’s hear it!”


“Olivia?” Did Natalia’s voice sound higher than usual?


“Hmm?” Olivia asked into the palm of the hand that she was so lovingly kissing.


“I can’t really concentrate when you’re doing that.”


Olivia smiled wolfishly. “Okay. I’ll stop.” She tickled the center of Natalia’s palm with the tip of her tongue. “Rrrright now!” She chuckled loudly at the sound of Natalia’s frustrated growl. “I’m being good. See?” She returned Natalia’s hand back to its previous place of residence. She patted the top of Natalia’s hand as she encouraged her to continue. “Tell me your idea, honey.”


Natalia smiled, as she heard the endearment spoken from Olivia. “No more touching while I’m trying to think! Okay?”


 “Okay!” Olivia lifted her hands in surrender, and then dropped them limply at her sides.


“Give me a second.” Natalia tried to focus. The desire that Olivia had sparked with-in her made it hard to think. She needed to focus if she was going to pull off her plan.


While Natalia was figuring out all the details of her seduction of Olivia, her hands began to wonder along the front of Olivia’s body. It was as if Natalia’s hands had a mind of their own. Or maybe they were just mirroring the thoughts of their owner. Natalia’s hands moved possessively along Olivia’s stomach, then rose up to the underside of her breasts and then back down again. Over and over again, her hands moved in concert over Olivia’s torso. Each time Natalia’s hands moved up and over Olivia’s body, they moved just a little higher.


When suddenly those hands grazed the sides of Olivia’s breasts, “Natalia?” Olivia captured Natalia’s hands in her own, slowly moving their joined hands to rest at Olivia’s waist. “I thought you said no touching?”


“I said you couldn’t touch me if you wanted a coherent answer from me.” Natalia smiled. “I can’t think straight when you touch me. Pun intended.” She said quickly before Olivia had a chance to jump on her comment. Her smile widened at the sound of Olivia’s horse laughter. She loved catching Olivia off guard. She knew her next statement would hit Olivia in just the right place. “Actually, I was doing quite a bit of thinking while I was touching you.”


“Oh, Really?” Olivia voice sounded strained. She was reeling from Natalia’s statement. She had thought Natalia’s hands had unconsciously wandered up her body towards her breasts. The knowledge that Natalia knew exactly how and where she was touching Olivia lit a fire in her belly. 


A flustered Olivia; score one for team Natalia. Maybe she could pull off her plan after all. Especially, now that she knew that her touch had the same distracting effect on Olivia. “Yeah, I was thinking that we should rest your back tonight. You’ve obviously strained those muscles, and we don’t want you to do anything to further injure yourself.”


“Huh?” Whatever Olivia thought Natalia was going to say, this wasn’t what she had expected. “My back is just a little stiff, a few stretches and I’ll be as good as new.”


“I don’t know. Maybe we should put you on the floor tonight. The bed might be too soft for your back. We might need to go shopping this weekend for a firmer mattress, especially if you have a bad back.” Natalia was just toying with her now.


Olivia hadn’t caught on to Natalia’s game, as she still tried to plead her case. “Really Natalia, I feel fine. Ship shape and all that. Look!” Olivia turned around facing Natalia and demonstrated all the ways she could move with no visible pain. “See, ship shape!”


It took every ounce of discipline with-in Natalia to keep her from laughing at Olivia’s antics. “I’ll make a deal with you.” She pointed her finger at Olivia, tapping her lightly in the center of her chest. She continued in a stern voice. “I want you to take a good long soak in a hot tub to loosen those muscles, and then we’ll see how you feel. Deal?”


Olivia happily accepted. “Deal!”


Natalia smiled. Somebody was really worried about the possibility of not sleeping with Natalia tonight. “I’ll clean up this glass, so you don’t have to bend over again.”


Olivia nodded, as she looked down at her feet. She had obviously forgotten how they had ended up in their current position.


Natalia took advantage of Olivia’s confusion, as she barked out a list of orders for Olivia to follow. Natalia was enjoying this sudden rush of power. No wonder Olivia liked to be in charge. She could see how this would easily become an aphrodisiacs of sorts. “You go spend some time with Emma, while I finish up here. Then I’ll put Emma to bed, while you take a long hot bath. Okay?”


Olivia nodded again, and wordlessly turned to go into the house. Natalia stopped her by grabbing the back of her shirt. As Olivia turned around to face Natalia, she felt a hand caress her face. Natalia had pressed a kiss against her mouth and released her, turning her back toward the house, before Olivia had a chance to even respond. As she opened the screen door in a daze, she heard Natalia’s voice. “I love you, Olivia.”


“I love you too.” Olivia sighed when she entered the house. She felt slightly off kilter, but she wasn’t sure why. She shook her head to clear it, as she moved through the house in search of Emma.


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11 October 2009 @ 09:15 pm

Title: Everything

Author: joblairfan

Fandom: Guiding Light

Pairing: Olivia/Natalia

Rating: Parts 1-4 (G rated), Parts 5-7 (Seriously NC-17)

Spoilers: Assumes back story up until 9/10/09. I have taken a few liberties, including:

1) Making Natalia a little less pregnant. (6 mos.) 2) Explaining why Natalia disappeared the way that she did. 3) Giving voice to “what I think” has been left unsaid between our girls, through the use of inner dialogue. 4) Giving Olivia “Freakin’ Spencer back her sexual prowess.
5) Proving that Natalia is “in touch” with what she really wants. 6) Proving women in love have more than forehead sex.

Summary: This story takes place on the day that Olivia and Emma (finally) move back to the farmhouse, and chronicles their first night together.

Special Thanks: To my offline beta, Tatum. (aka: SnailHeatReader)

Disclaimer: I don’t own the characters of Olivia Spencer or Natalia Rivera…I just let them have a lot more fun than CBS did!)


Now on with the show…





Olivia raised her head luxuriating in the warm evening breeze. As she opened her eyes to gaze at the stars above, she couldn’t help but send up a silent prayer of thanks. Olivia Spencer wasn’t a religious person, but loving Natalia Rivera had taught her that some things were just not of this earth, or of her own making.


“Penny for your thoughts.”


Olivia turned in the direction of the voice she knew so well and smiled, “I was thinking how lucky I am to be here.”


“A bench? On the front porch of an old farmhouse?” Natalia teased.


“Exactly.” Olivia quirked her eyebrow in her trademark serious stare. At the sound of Natalia’s giggle, she couldn’t help but break into a full smile.


The beautiful Latina crossed the distance between them, carrying two wine glasses. She handed one to Olivia as she joined her on the bench. The bench that was on that old farmhouse porch that was now their home.


Olivia raised a questioning eyebrow as she focused on the red liquid in Natalia’s glass. “It’s alcohol free.” She poked Olivia lovingly in the ribs with her next comment. “Are you planning on being my warden for the next three months?” She poked her again for good measure. “Because if that’s what you have in mind, I might have to rethink this whole living together thing.”


“Oh no!” Olivia teased back. “You’re stuck with me.” She shook her head adamantly. “You aren’t getting me to move again until we’re ready to pick out our old age home!”


“Sounds like a plan.” Natalia leaned into Olivia’s side. She couldn’t tell what made her feel warmer, Olivia’s arm as it settled around her shoulders pulling her closer, or the words she’d just spoken. Essentially, Olivia had just made a vow to be with Natalia for the rest of her life. She pushed her body tighter against Olivia. It was the words, definitely those wonderful words and the image they conjured in her mind. The image of a lifetime spent with the woman she loves.


They sat quietly together, sipping their wine and just enjoying their closeness. It had taken forever to get to this place, and they were determined to enjoy every moment.


“I still can’t believe it.” Olivia’s voice was soft and full of wonder. “I can’t believe they all came to help us with the move.” She couldn’t hide the emotion in her voice as she continued, “Josh, Blake, Doris and even Ashley weren’t a big surprise. Most of them have been supportive since the beginning, but…”


“Frank and Rafe.” Natalia finished for Olivia. “I know, that one even caught me off guard.” She smiled softly. “And it’s my job to look for the best in people.” Her eyes dancing as she looked up to meet Olivia’s. 


Olivia’s face was alight with the love she felt, as she heard Natalia repeat the words she’d spoken long ago. She leaned down and placed a chaste kiss to Natalia’s forehead. “Thank God for that, or you wouldn’t be here with me right now!”


“Oh, I don’t know about that.” Natalia’s smile was bright and playful. “Every super hero needs a side kick!” 


Olivia rested her forehead against Natalia’s. “Is that what I am to you, Natalia?”


“Mmm.” Natalia sighed as Olivia’s warm breath dusted across her face. “No, Olivia, you are so much more.” She felt dizzy at the nearness of the woman she loved. “You’re the love of my life and everything that I’ve ever wanted.” She struggled to speak, when she felt Olivia’s breath hitch at her words. “I want to spend the rest of my life showing you just how much you mean to me.”


Olivia sighed contentedly. The last of her doubts seemed to drift away on the words spoken by the woman who held her heart. She lifted Natalia’s chin, bringing their eyes into alignment. What she saw in those mahogany eyes spoke more than any words could. Those eyes told her that she was loved, completely and unashamedly. Natalia loved her! She loved her not for who she wanted her to be, or who she thought she was, or even for who she thought she could be. She just loved Olivia! She loved the good, the bad and everything in between.


Olivia pressed forward, placing a kiss on each of Natalia’s eyes in reverence and adoration. Olivia felt Natalia tremble, and took it as a sign to continue her journey. She began placing light, chaste, butterfly kisses along Natalia’s brow ridge, and along her hairline. Natalia leaned into Olivia encouraging her exploration. Olivia painted kisses along her left cheek and then over to the tip of her nose. When she rubbed her nose lightly against Natalia’s, she was rewarded with a smile that caused her heart to thud in her chest. So Beautiful!


She hadn’t realized she had said the words out loud until she heard Natalia’s breathy reply. “You are beautiful.” Natalia tucked a stray strand of hair behind Olivia’s ear, and then pressed her palm against Olivia’s cheek. “Sometimes when I look at you,” She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. When she opened her eyes, Olivia was surprised to see desire staring back at her. “You take my breath away.”


“Natalia…” Olivia’s words were silenced as Natalia’s lips slid against hers.


The kiss was so gentle that for a moment Olivia’s mind couldn’t register the contact. When she felt Natalia’s breath against her lips, Olivia’s synapses finally seemed to fire. The sudden realization that Natalia was kissing her caused Olivia to gasp into the mouth that covered hers. The sound and feel of that rush of air emboldened Natalia and she deepened the kiss. She pushed her mouth more forcefully against Olivia’s and let the tip of her tongue slid along Olivia’s bottom lip. She was rewarded with the parting of those perfectly shaped lips.


When she experimentally dipped her tongue inside of Olivia’s mouth, she felt Olivia moan and it vibrated through her entire being. Natalia’s body shivered at this new sensation, as the feeling moved from the tips of her toes and shot straight up her spine. When she felt Olivia’s hand on the back of her head pulling her in closer and Olivia’s tongue moving against hers, she couldn’t stop the moan that rose up inside of her. 


Natalia’s body felt as though it were on fire. She let the wine glass drop from her hand, needing both her hands on Olivia. Her now free hand rose quickly to tangle in Olivia’s hair. She pulled hard on the back of Olivia’s neck, needing to feel her closer. Olivia’s glass soon followed Natalia’s to the porch floor. Neither seemed to notice the sound of the breaking glass as Olivia’s hand moved possessively against Natalia’s hip. She pulled her closer as she kissed Natalia with unrestrained passion.


“Mom?” Emma called from the living room.


Olivia was kissing her hungrily. Natalia felt as if she was making love to her mouth. She had never felt anything like this before. One thought kept running through Natalia’s mind. If Olivia could make her feel this much with a kiss, what would her lovemaking do to her? She groaned into the kiss as she thought of Olivia’s hands on her body.


“Natalia?” Emma called out again, this time to her other mother. When neither woman responded, she went to investigate the sound of breaking glass. When she reached the screen door she called out again. “Mom, did you break something?”


Olivia registered the sound of her daughter’s voice and quickly separated from Natalia. “Bean, what’s wrong?” Olivia’s voice was sharp, and she immediately realized how it must sound to Emma. “Sorry, Jelly Bean, you startled me.” She took a deep breath to calm herself.


Natalia forced her labored breath to ease, as she spoke softly to her little girl. “Emma, did you need something, baby?”


Emma smiled, soothed by Natalia’s loving voice. “I heard glass break. I called you and mom but you didn’t answer.”


“Oh, honey, we’re sorry.” She looked at Olivia’s flushed face, knowing that her own must be in a similar state. “Mommy and I were in a deep conversation and didn’t hear you.”


Emma seemed to accept that, but grimaced as she looked down toward Natalia and Olivia’s feet. “Were you fighting?”


Olivia followed Emma’s line of sight and took in the broken glass around their feet. “Oh no Bean, it was nothing like that.” Olivia shook her head and shrugged her shoulders. “We were just being clumsy.”


Natalia saw the doubt in Emma’s eyes and added, “We’re just so happy to be back home as a family that we got a little too excited and dropped our glasses, Em.” She heard Olivia burst out laughing at her choice of words, which caused Natalia to laugh nervously. 


Olivia carefully crossed the broken glass to gather Emma in her arms. She hugged her close to her body, as she continued to vibrate with laughter. “I promise Bean, Natalia and I definitely weren’t fighting!” Olivia overstressed the word ‘fighting’ as she smiled down at her little girl.


Emma looked over to Natalia with a furrowed brow that was the image of her mother. Natalia couldn’t help the laughter that bubbled up inside of her at the little girl’s facial expression. She laughed so hard that she actually snorted, which caused Olivia to laugh with renewed gusto.


“Grownups are weird!” Emma stated before walking back through the screen door, shaking her head as she went. As the door closed behind her, she heard her mothers fall into a new round of laughter. The sound brought a smile to her face and a joyful ringing to her ears. Some times she just didn’t understand her mothers, but she loved them and was so very happy to be home again.


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